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What Is OM And How Important It Is For Yoga?

OM is actually simple, but an amazing enchanting word which has a great sense and every yogi start meditation or performing yoga kriyas, especially the breathing exercises using the same word. The simple sentence to understand the meaning of OM is – it is all about representing the unity of mind, body, and soul. It is often chanted 3 times at the start and finish of a yoga training session and its sound is a perfect way to meditate or improve the concentration.

It is said when we enchant OM, it opens up our mind and its sound made up of three syllables, called –a, u and m. Om is also called a term, which is originally used to describe the feeling experienced by rishis during deep meditation and it is called a sound of universal creation. When we enchant OM, there can be a physical sensation, which enters a state of mindful, physical and emotional awareness. When anybody chanted Om, they can feel the vibration, which can be at the frequency of 432 Hz, which is called the same vibrational frequency found in all things throughout nature. Om is the basic sound of the universe and we can chant it symbolically and physically, which helps us in connecting with the world and the Universe. Benefits are amazing when we enchant OM and one of the best benefits is- it helps in lowering down the blood pressure as well as increases the health of the heart, which is very important these days. A lot of stress, tension, and random thoughts are making us sick day by day, but if we enchant OM, it gives us great peace of mind and eliminates all our tension in the shortest possible of time.

How is OM used in Yoga?

OM is the basic, but most important sound in the tradition of Yoga and it is important to be chanting is an integral part of yoga practice. Yoga OM Chant is considered to be the root mantra and is the most often chanted sound in a yoga and meditation class. No matter where you are if you are beginning with the yoga session, you will often begin and end up the yoga session with OM. This is used very often as it is considered as a beautiful and effective way to help set the proper tone for the class. It helps in offering great focus, becoming centered and you can approach your practice from your heart. You better know a certain type of yoga, where OM is heavily or majorly used, called Pranava yoga or which is sometimes called “OM yoga” or “OM yoga meditation”. To do the same, practitioners will need to sit comfortably with their hands on their knees and then along with breathing, they mentally chant the word OM while meditating.

It is important to know that OM is used to simply meditate in silence while others move their vibration with the chant, which offers us great peace and strength to move forward with other yoga asanas. Moreover, it must be noted that chanting Om is a sacred practice for many, and it works very well when we begin a yoga class with the same. More on the benefits, the vibrations created while chanting the word OM provides a calming effect on the mind as they slow down the nervous system. And, once the mind is relaxed, the blood pressure decreases which in turn improves the heart’s health. So, there is a great scope of OM and at the end of a tiring day, chanting with OM gives a special feeling, boost up your strength and get all the peace. So, you better try it out and take care of yourself and practice being mindful.