Best Triceps Exercises

The Best Triceps Exercises You Can Perform In The Gym, To Gain Volume In Your Arms

Triceps is a small muscle that is often relegated to the work of the biceps, the most visible muscle and the one we never forget. However, if we want to gain volume in the arms its strengthening and hypertrophy is key, so we leave the best triceps exercises you can do in the gym.

Wallpapers In Parallel

Among the most effective options to work triceps is this exercise that we can do between two benches: the classic dippings, or in parallel machine.

The funds in parallel are more unstable, the triceps must overcome the force of gravity and mobilize all the weight of the body in a controlled way, so they are an intense and challenging choice for the chest muscles of the arms that will allow us to develop.

It is essential that the elbows are always flexed on the sides of the body, without separating from it to work specifically the triceps with the performance of this exercise.

French Press

This movement is done on a flat bench, with dumbbells or a bar between the hands.

Lying on your back, with your whole back resting on the bench, place your arms perpendicular to your torso and descend behind your head, flexing your elbows, the weight carried in your hands as if you were in the back of your head.

As in the previous exercise, in the French press it is essential to keep the elbows close to the head and not to open them to work mostly on the triceps.

Triceps Extensions on High Pulley

In high pulley machine we can make an extension of triceps, with handlebars as shown in Vitonica or with rope as you can see.

With this last option we can request in greater measure the external portion of the triceps or what is equal, the lateral one of the arm, of there that its work is of utility to gain volume in the superior extremities.

We can also make extensions of triceps in high pulley, with inverted grip, ie holding the handlebars so that the palms look up. With this exercise we also work on the triceps, forearms, allowing us to shape the arms as a whole.

Vertical Arm Extensions with Dumbbells

Arm extensions or triceps are a very frequent option for working this muscle, and in addition to the one suggested before it is performed on a pulley machine, we recommend this alternative of vertical arm extensions with dumbbells.

It is done alternately, so it is a one-sided movement in which each tricep works separately. It can be executed standing or sitting on a bench and the dumbbell held in one of the hands must descend behind the nape of the neck due to flexion of the arms.

Although it can also be done with both arms using dumbbells or a bar, we recommend doing it unilaterally and alternately to concentrate the effort on one of the triceps during its execution.

You know, if you want to gain volume in your arms, these are the best exercises for triceps that you can do in the gym and will help you see in your body the results you’ve always wanted.