Diets to reduce weight

Diets Which Can Help You Reduce Weight

Lose weight not by hunger but by a perfect diet and with a stomach full. Obesity has become the most vulnerable disease in the era of junk and fast food but weight loss is not a myth that I will talk. A proper intake of food is necessary. All the food with calorie is not equally created and human body accepts every food with a different metabolic pathway. Many times

Beer Benefits

8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Beer

Always heard from people around you about how harmful beer is for your health? It’s time to change the SCRIPT! Yes you heard it right, the gods of science have revealed that drinking beer is actually good for the health. Here are 8 reasons why you should be on a beer guilt trip, the next time you drink a cold beer on a Friday night! 1. Beer very effectively helps

Emotional Stress During Pregnancy

How To Handle Emotional Stress During Pregnancy?

Having a baby itself is a very different feeling. It can sometimes be very over whelming, and it is absolutely normal to feel stressed about the changes which are taking place in your life. During this process a woman goes through a lot of emotional and physical anxiety, specially the women who are delivering a baby for the first time. Here are a few ways which can help you to

Heart Disease

How Can You Know If You Have Heart Disease?

In today’s date heart disease is one of the most common diseases that is hunting the human race. According to data obtained from various valid sources, each year 31% of the global deaths are caused by cardiovascular disease which is around 17.9 million people. This death ratio is on the rise and is quite alarming for us indeed. World Health Organization has taken various preventive measures and constantly keeping the

Healthier Lifestyle

5 Steps To Reduce Weight For Healthier Lifestyle

Every person in this world, likes to feel fit, look beautiful and have a gradient glow in their face. If you want to be like one of those people, you have to keep yourself physically active, eat wisely and feel good. If you are someone who is suffering from fatigue, stress, heart disease, etc it is probably you are overweight due to lack of some physical exercise in your day