Heart Disease

How Can You Know If You Have Heart Disease?

In today’s date heart disease is one of the most common diseases that is hunting the human race. According to data obtained from various valid sources, each year 31% of the global deaths are caused by cardiovascular disease which is around 17.9 million people. This death ratio is on the rise and is quite alarming for us indeed. World Health Organization has taken various preventive measures and constantly keeping the countries updated regarding this situation. In India alone, deaths caused by strokes and coronary heart diseases are daily increasing reaching its peak. But this trend can really be reversed if we take some preventative measures or at least get ourselves aware of this disease. Today, we look at some of the few points which can let us know if we are really suffering from heart disease or not. This will in turn not only help us to cure the cardiovascular disease but also lessen the risk of strokes as well.

Signs and Symptoms

There are certain signs and symptoms which can really give us a hint or indication that we are at risk of having a cardiovascular disease which can lead to stroke as well. It is better to say that not all heart problems come with warning signs with it but prevention is always better than cure as we all know. Some prominent signs must not be taken lightly and must immediately be addressed by visiting a doctor.

Chest Discomfort

Having chest discomfort on a frequent basis can really give us a warning about the condition of our heart which can lead to stroke. Feeling of chest tightness along with heartburn is an associated feature that often gets accompanied.

Dizzy and Lightheartedness

Feeling of continuous dizziness and lightheaded along with weight loss is one of the most predominant features that an individual may be suffering from heart disease. Feeling of unsteadiness along with shivering in the limbs is a sure sign of heart disease as well.

Getting Exhausted Easily

One needs an immediate heart checkup if that individual gets easily exhausted after work or after a walk. These symptoms are often found in woman than men according to data. This is one of the most primary symptoms of having heart disease.


Getting drenched with sweat for no obvious reason is another sign which must not be ignored. Excessive sweating is a true sign of heart not getting enough oxygen which often leads to stroke or cardiovascular arrest.

Irregular or Rapid Heartbeat

Most of the patients suffering from heart disease complain of irregular and rapid heartbeat. This often indicates that the individual’s heart is not pumping blood as one usually needs. Thus, anybody having these symptoms must immediately rush to the doctor.

There are many other sings other than those mentioned here that can lead to heart disease. So it is always better to have a checkup with the family physician on regular intervals in order to avoid heart disease, stroke.