Donate Blood – Save Life

Every drop of blood is precious not only to save a life but also to save humanity. Donating blood is one of the most beautiful gestures that we can show being an aware and conscious citizen both for our family, friends as well as to those who are in desperate need. A gift of life is the most adorable and precious gift that as a human being we can offer which needs no extra effort. According to The Red Cross Society’s assessment on an everyday basis, there are cases of 500 blood drives every day. Now donating blood at the right time means not only saving the life of those in need but to those who are in relation also.

It has been estimated that More than 4.5 million patients need blood transfusions each year in the U.S. and Canada alone which is a huge requirement by its own. Thus to meet up with the needs and the requirements of blood all around the globe campaigning in encouragement to blood donation is a must by any means. Generally, it has been found that blood donors donate their blood voluntarily for the sake of the community and keep the supply chain intact. This noble cause is an absolute act of charity that is encouraging human hope and life whereas in certain parts of the world there are paid blood donors as well. To this end, it is suggested that donating blood is relatively easy and safe, though in a few cases some individuals may feel dizzy after donating blood.

On the medical ground it has been found that donating blood in a specific occasion burns up to 650 calories and according to doctors occasionally donating blood is also good for health as well. Being one of the leading health care providers from the City of Joy, Kolkata we always encourage this act of kindness and support in the donation of blood voluntarily. It is our moral and ethical responsibility alongside our Government to stand for the donation of blood and ensure that regular supply of different variants of blood group is available in our blood bank during an emergency. We must take the initiative for mass awareness regarding blood donation camp and it is important in the society in the light of its requirement and availability as well. Especially we feel that the younger generation must come in front and take the necessary steps to encourage this act of kindness.