Best Pimple Spot Treatment

Best Pimple Spot Treatment

Had a long out stay or long ride? While waking up the other day morning from your bed, you notice pimple spots on your face? No worries, here you can find few best pimple spot treatment ideas resulting in positive manner.

Home based best pimple spot treatment methods:

Steam facial

Cleanse your face with good soap or face wash foam to remove the make-up residues and any other foreign particles on your face. Place the hot water bowl in front of you on a flat surface. Take the towel or the bedsheet; cover yourself completely wherein the vapour from the hot water should reach your face. Lean forward, turn your face all the directions, so that the vapour reaches you well. Take the steam for some 10 minutes. Pat your face until gets dry with soft cotton cloth and you can repeat this technique 2 times a week.

Clay Masks

Clay has the tendency of curing cystic acne because of their absorbent, exfoliating and astringent properties. Take fuller’s earth or green clay or bentonite clay (as per your skin tone) – 3-5 tablespoons, water (if you have oily skin) or jojoba oil (this is for dry skin) or milk for a normal skin. Take 1 table spoon of honey, 5 drops of tea tree oil and a clean wash cloth.

Take either of water, oil or milk whatever you are going to mix with clay, and enough of it until you a get paste like consistency. And few drops of honey to it, where it is for brightening enzymes and also honey has the power of anti-tanning properties, it will wash away the dirt from deep pores of the skin. Then mix well the mixture, and apply it on our face evenly, leave it for some 15 minutes. Then use clean cloth to wipe off the mixture and wash your face with chill water. Don’t use any soaps or cream to wash for first time. You can follow this method twice a week to get awesome results.

Turmeric acts as the best pimple spot treatment medicine. Take some half tea spoon of turmeric powder in a glass of milk as a good drink. But one must be very careful in taking turmeric those are pregnant or breastfeeding women, and those who take medicines for diabetic or anti-coagulant and those who have gall-bladder problems. We advise the above said people, to consult their doctor before consuming any set of herbs and herbal products including turmeric where the herbs will break out the enzymes of medication that they actually take.